Thursday, 28 May 2015

Visual novel SERAFINA’S CROWN now on Steam Greenlight (also on Android, Desura,

Serafina’s Crown is the long-awaited sequel to the 2014 visual novel, Serafina’s Saga.

Now seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, Serafina’s Crown is played from the perspective of Odell Perin -- the only person in the Kingdom of Darzia who *couldn’t* have murdered Queen Belatrix. Serving as Regent of Darzia, Odell must navigate political intrigue and romantic land mines -- while trying to solve a murder :)

Serafina’s Crown is already available on Android and will soon be available on iOS as well. PC gamers will decide if it gets a Steam release in the near future.

The sequel takes place seven years after the end of Serafina’s Saga. Grand Prince Robil Feldren dies of an illness -- and a few weeks later, Queen Belatrix Grandil dies in in the midst of a “hunting accident.”  Serafina Elborn and her husband Reuben Jeridar are poised to take the throne, except for one big problem: Many nobles suspect that Reuben Jeridar arranged the assassination of Belatrix Grandil.

Players take on the role of Odell Perin, who is unwittingly thrust into a position of power. Due to her neutral stance, Odell Perin is elected to serve as Regent long enough to settle the ongoing disputes -- and thus determine who will become the next King or Queen of Darzia.

Serafina’s Crown is a visual novel with elements of fantasy, adventure and romance. Every decision Odell makes as Regent of Darzia will change the story arc to favor different Gods. These decisions will allow Odell to get closer to solving the murder, but they can also make things more complicated for the inexperienced ruler . . .

The game also features a debate system that allows Odell to argue points in court based on the stats she has earned throughout the game. Winning debates furthers Odell’s quest in finding Belatrix’s killer and choosing the next monarch of Darzia.

Jenny Gibbons, founder of Woodsy Studio:

“Serafina’s Crown combines all the elements I love in visual novels: a strong dramatic narrative, alluring romances, branching endings, and a fun mini-game interwoven with the story branches. While the game is fun and entertaining, players also learn something about themselves through Odell's journey. For example, the stats players collect through story choices reflect emotional themes and guide Odell’s ability to stand for certain beliefs.”

* Branching Narrative: Every decision made as Odell will change the story -- whether it’s getting closer to finding the murderer, stabilizing the kingdom, or helping the next monarch rise to power.
* Stats Management: Odell’s decisions will affect her stats, which will help her debate her beliefs in court.
* Debate Mini-Game: The game features an entertaining mini-game where Odell (with the help from the stats she’s earned on her journey) will debate a variety of topics to uncover new, important information.
* Girl x Boy / Girl x Girl Romances: Just because Odell is ruling a kingdom doesn’t mean she won’t save some time for romance :)
* Voice Acting: Serafina’s Crown features a cast of talented voice actors that bring the story to life.

Serafina’s Crown is already available on Android for $2.99

The game is also available on PC for $7.99 -- on and Desura.

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