Tuesday, 19 May 2015

'Super Paperman' By Secret Item Games Adds New Dimension To Platform Gaming

Secret Item Games is a family-based indie games developer led by mother and son, and they have recently kicked off a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter™ to support the completion of Super Paperman. Inspired by an interest and passion for classic games such as Sonic™ on the SEGA® Mega Drive, the game is a tribute to the best of platforming fun, and planned for release on PC and major gaming consoles.

Your job is to take control of a lightweight hero made out of paper, yes paper, a super important delivery person in charge of delivering not mail, as you know it, but rather dreams. Diligent and dutiful you do your job until one day… the dream world in which you live is in danger and peril. The world is drifting apart and you are stuck, lost, caught in rifts that needs gluing together. Oh no! Can you restore peace and order to the chaos that now exists?

Super Paperman offers a beautiful gameplay experience with its visually crisp, hand-drawn 2D graphics. Key features includes a cool 4-player co-op mode and 35 stages of fun spread across 7 worlds in which you must race, jump, and wall-jump to success by avoiding enemies, hazards and obstacles. And when the going gets tough, the tough bring on friends to partake in true co-op style, where everyone can join or leave the race at will. Are you a team player or do you go rogue?

With its great non-linear gameplay, mind-bending challenges, fast-paced action and compelling co-op mode, Super Paperman offers plenty of fun. Secret Item Games has added an extra dimension to the 2D layers in the game; by clever use and blending of foreground and background elements, an extra layer makes it possible for players to use various paths within the levels as racing tracks.

Super Paperman Kickstarter Page

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