Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Empires in Ruins - Kickstarter and Greenlight

Empire in Ruins is a A Turn based strategy/Tower defense/Empire management hybrid, with a black humour infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world (sounds like a fun place! :-D).  Empire In Ruins merges the tower defense genre's detailed, recognizable gameplay with elements of turn-based empire management, in a hybrid never seen before.  Conquer, improve, defend and lead Sgt. Hans Heimer in his own personal war against everybody and everything (sounds like a fun guy too!). 

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign (28 days left at the time of posting this) and the Steam Greenlight Campaign.

  • Empires in Ruins will be released in December 2015 on Steam, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. 
  • A DRM-free version of the game will be also available on GOG and Desura.
  • Depending on what stretch goals are met, iOS and Android will also see the light after that .

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