Thursday, 7 May 2015

Coming soon to iOS... "The City of those who..." ... read post for full title!

The City Of Those Who Descend The Stairs: Third Floor
The story tells the tales of Igor, a curious boy that visits a famous building named "Tower-In-The-Middle-Of-The-Street". While descending floor by floor, he ends up trapped at the "City-Of-Those-Who-Descend-The-Stairs" and must find his way out.

The content is organized as a game-illustrated book split on 10 chapters. Each one brings, besides the text, an illustration presented as a game related to the part of the story it is placed. There are a total of 10 game-illustrations, each with its own game mechanics and goals.

You won't need to beat the games to read the whole story, and you also won't need to read the full book to gain access to all games. However, there is a surprise for the ones who beat at least 6 of the game-illustrations: a bonus mini-game named "FREAK|CATS" that comes with an online ranking.

The game book will be released on May 15th. A lite version with the two first chapters will be available for free, while the complete content will be available at the mobile devices stores (Appstore / Google Play) for around 4.99 dollars (small variations may apply depending on exchange rates or buyer's location as usual on these online stores).

I'll post again when this is released next Friday, but in the meantime here are some screenshots:

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