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Saturday, 4 April 2015

'Star-Bored: Adventures in a Bureaucratic Dystopia' - Kickstarter Campaign

A new Kickstarter from the team that brought you Fantasy Tavern Simulator:

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Take on the role of Chief Auditor for the Bureaucratic Imperium, and hunt down rebel terrorists while exploring a vast, dynamic galaxy!

  •  16 bit’ style RPG,
  •  Tactical, turn-based, strategic battles in space and on the ground,
  • A dark comedy full of classic sci-fi parody and absurd acronyms,
  • An infinite and dynamic procedurally-generated universe,
  • Strategic gameplay, including the employment of propaganda and the hacking of planetary satellites,
  • The ability to destroy planets!
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Background and Story:

While studying History at university, I discovered that the most interesting stories were not about the great wars between kings, or the ones concerning the famous names of which we’ve all heard, but about the shoemakers, field-hands, and simple soldiers. When creating games I try to apply the same theory by making the game’s protagonist the most unlikely of heroes: in our first game it was the story of a tavern keeper, in Star-Bored it is the story of a bureaucrat.

Star-Bored is a dark comedy, strategy RPG, set in the distant future where a vast and disturbing bureaucracy has taken control of the entire galaxy. Yet even as the Bureaucratic Imperium wraps the galaxy in red tape, rebel cells are forming on a thousand worlds; fighting back against the mountains of paperwork that threaten to bury them.  As a starship captain, and a high level bureaucrat, it is the player’s job to travel the emptiness of space, hopping from planet to planet, in order to defeat these rebels at all costs!

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When the player arrives at each planet they are required to assess the rebel threat and respond accordingly, all within a certain number of days allotted by the Bureaucratic Imperium. Players must first infiltrate the planets satellites and defence systems in order to fully assess how much rebel activity is present, the number of rebel bases and terror cells, and the amount of the population that are sympathetic to the rebel cause.

In order to eliminate all rebel bases and sympathy the player has a host of options available to them such as launching missiles from the ship, sending in mechs and fighting tactical battles against the terrorists, or by waging propaganda campaigns against the population to turn them away from the rebels and back under the sway of the Bureaucratic Imperium. Some responses take time and others take credits, but if the player is unable to reduce the rebels to acceptable levels within the allotted time then they must make a final and terrible decision: whether or not to destroy the planet and potentially upset further planets in the sector, or leave them and let the rebel threat fester and grow.

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Alongside defeating the rebel scourge, the player can also explore a dynamic galaxy full of ancient alien relics, strange space monsters, and unique stellar events that will all help in forwarding their cause. Of course, no RPG would be complete without multiple endings and so the player is also faced with decisions that will shape the fate of the universe forever.

About us:

We are a small, family, indie company consisting of two adults and one child. We very much love what we do and are extremely happy to be able to continue working on games. We have just launched Star-Bored as our second Kickstarter after having a fantastic response to our first project ‘Fortune’s Tavern – The Fantasy Tavern Simulator!’
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