Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Preview - Machine Made

Just to whet your appetite in anticipation of the game's Kickstarter, which is due to start next week (of course we will bring you news of that when it happens!):

"Machine Made is a Turn-based RPG, with Puzzle & Adventure elements and a focus on Collecting and Crafting that allows for a high degree of character customization and a deep level of strategic thinking. The story takes place in a beautifully crafted Steampunk world with Fantasy/Sci-fi influences that will capture your imagination."

Machine Made will feature 20+ hours of gameplay (with several optional side-quests in addition to the main quest), a deep RPG experience and a compelling storyline.  

This is the work of Lead Developer Ryan Ferris and his team, and clearly a labour of love inspired by a passion for the classic RPGs of the past.  When the game is released it will retail at around $7.99-$9.99, but for Kickstarter backers the minimum pledge to get yourself a copy of this game will be much cheaper (I've seen the provisional reward tiers, but I won't publish them in case they change for the final Kickstarter launch).  The game also promises hours of music and high quality voice acting.

The funding target will be modest, with stretch goals to improve different areas of the game.  While you wait for the Kickstarter campaign, you can also check out the Development Page and IndieDB Page for more information about the project.

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