Saturday, 4 April 2015

Gardens of Gonzo: Old-school 2D Indie MMORPG with Sandbox and Content Uploader

It might sound like a spin-off from The Muppets Show (Gonzo was always one of my favourite characters as a kid :-D) - but in fact Gardens of Gonzo is an old-school 2D MMORPG.  It's being developed by an indie game developer in Germany.

He describes the game thus:

"Gardens of Gonzo is a classic free-to-play MMORPG that picks up the nostalgic and carefree spirit of Zelda and Ultima Online and combines them with a powerful player-driven sandbox to a whole new MMO experience."

The game features classic MMORPG mechanisms like resource gathering, crafting, character development along with a fresh and responsive combat system (NO target-lock-on-and-ability-button-pressing, BUT pixel-exact hit collision; you hit what you hit).

It also gives the power into the hands of players to build their own worlds that other players can visit and to bring in own content and quests for other players to play. This allows for potentially endless excitement, as every player's mind bears different crazes.

The graphic is made of timeless 2D pixel-art, combined with modern shaders, lights, beautiful clouds and other effects."

Game features:
  • Free-to-Play & Premium; no pay-to-win!
  • Oldschool, Engine-Enhanced 2D Graphics
  • Fast and Responsive Real-Time Combat
  • Resource Gathering, Item Crafting
  • Supporting Player Creativity: Build Your Own Home, Your Own Worlds Even!
  • Constantly evolving. New features added regularly.

Check it out at

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