Thursday, 23 April 2015

Beta version of graphics engine "Glue Engine" released

MadSkin Studios has the pleasure to announce the release of the BETA version of Glue Engine.

"Our team worked hard on this project and we rely on your comments and help for fixing any bugs that may exist at this moment.

Glue Engine is dedicated to both professional and casual developers, and on regular users, that never created a game before.

Let Glue Engine, create the game from your imagination  and give us your feedback, to improve our product and create a better game for you and make money from it.

Glue Engine helps you to create games very quick. No programming skills needed.

No lightmapping calculations the graphics are rendered instantly just one click and the executable will be created with all the levels and elements necessary for the game.

Glue Engine has the easiest editor layout designed especially for developers and regular users that really want to focus on the game mechanics and not dealing with complicated engine design. The main buttons that lets you create the game are in front of the layout and the rest in Tools Section!

Glue Engine marks the beginning of a new era where gamers across the world can expect the best from us."

Glue Engine will reinvent the Game Development Industry.

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