Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Win a copy of DestinyQuest Infinite!

The QuestForge team (roughly one and a half people and a lot of tea) has been working on their game(book) DestinyQuest Infinite for way more time than they expected to, so to celebrate its release they’re… giving it away?

That’s right, QuestForge is running a weeklong giveaway in anticipation of DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 2, available March 17. Enter for a chance to win a copy of Act 1 of DQI or the full game (Acts 1-3). Here’s how:

To win Act 1: Post a comment on this page to be entered into a random drawing. One winner will be chosen to receive a free copy of DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 1.

To win the whole game (Acts 1-3): For a chance to win the entire game, visit the official DestinyQuest Infinite website and subscribe to the newsletter HERE.

This giveaway will run from March 9 until March 15, Midnight EST.

That means comments on this article and newsletter signups between those two dates will be included in the random drawing.

Good luck, everyone!

What is DestinyQuest Infinite?
DestinyQuest Infinite is a digital gamebook, which means it’s a book (a real book, with over 600 pages) that’s also a game (who would have guessed?). It combines the branching paths of choose-your-own-adventure books with tabletop-style RPG elements like stats and combat.

Adventure through the story collecting loot, fighting monsters, and boosting your stats to take on even bigger challenges. DQI has 18 character classes, hundreds of skills and abilities, and a quest-based narrative that brings over 600 pages of adventure to your fingertips.

Explore the rich fantasy lands of Valeron in this digital adaptation of Michael J. Ward's DestinyQuest gamebook. Uncover your past, save the world.

You are the hero but who, exactly, are you?

  1. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time, but to be eligible for the giveaway you must still be subscribed on March 16, which is when we’ll be drawing winners.
  2. If you are already subscribed to our newsletter (thanks!) you can still leave a comment on any of the websites running the giveaway to win Act 1. If you already have Act 1… sorry, we might have more events in the future where you can win more cool stuff.
  3. You can only win Act 1 or the full game, not both. If you manage to win both (you lucky person), we’ll draw a different winner for Act 1.
  4. You can only win Act 1 once. Why would you want it twice, anyway.. you need a separate copy for each eyeball?
  5. Winners will be selected at random, one for each website hosting the giveaway and one for the full game.

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