Saturday, 7 March 2015

Nightmarea Games Announces Between The City and The Needle

Between The City and The Needle is a conversation simulation game where the fate of each character you encounter is placed in your hands.

The world you live in is confronted with the realisation that a large number of its population are not human, but an unknown species mimicking human form.

You are a newly recruited employee of Honest Minds, a facility-based cover operation established by the government unit responsible for erradicting the threat and concealing it from the public.

Your job will bring you face to face with suspected imposters. Posing as a psychologist, you must question their identities and ultimately use your intuition to decide what becomes of each one. Will you deem them a convincing member of the human race or a pretender living behind a facade?

- Delve into the thoughts and memories of 40 suspects each with their own personal motivations and traits.
- Choose between two difficult decisions after each conversation with a suspect. Will you let them go, believing them to be human, but know you can never find out what they truly are? Or will you sentence them to death, unconvinced of who they claim to be and have their autopsy reveal their true identity?
- Use the electronic messaging system at your terminal to communicate with co-workers. As your personality is defined by how you play, expect NPCs who act similarly to yourself to reach out to you.
- Experience the inner workings of the facility. Can you uncover its secrets, decrypt documents and hack into hidden files?
- Feel the ramifications of your actions in 1 of 9 different endings determined by your choices and approach to handling the crisis.


We are two artists in our twenties that grew up engulfed in narrative driven games, primarily point-and-click adventures of old with characters and dialogue that truly stayed with us.

We want to combine the best parts of games we love with a player-crafted experience defined by their feelings towards the events taking place around them.

Leading on from these ideas we created the concept for Between The City and The Needle in October 2014. We became increasingly invested and formed Nightmarea Games in January 2015 to fully pursue and develop the project.
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