Monday, 2 March 2015

Crisis Crunch - "A vindicating adventure game full of social satire"

Crisis Crunch is a cartoon style adventure where a bunch of workers are trying to sabotage their company, an underworld enterprise of evil. They have been cheated to sign a contract (that they didn’t even read) for a job in hell, losing their souls in the process. They can´t go back to the mortal realm if they don’t destroy their contracts, so together, they plan to bring down the corporation to reach its president: Lucas Feri, the current owner of their souls.

Crisis Crunch is an “in-formal complaint” about mass media,  crisis,  labor situation and  general stupidity of modern society, all combined with high doses of freak culture and audiovisual references.
Crisis Crunch forgets about inventory items and such mechanics, and gives you the opportunity to use the “powers” (let´s better say “inappropriate abilities”) of eight different characters such as: hiper-swiping, accountant analyzing, flashing dentition, super caffeine speed, “fetchbook” profiling and others.
The gang making this game are currently running an IndieGoGo Campaign and a Greenlight Campaign.

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