Sunday, 8 February 2015

Violet: Space Mission

 Pinata Studios in Singapore released their new game Violet: Space Mission on Dec 17, 2014.  VSM is currently available in the App Store for iPad with a scheduled release date for PC and Android.

Game Description:
VIOLET: Space Mission is a 2D precision action game in space, about dodging asteroids, data collection and space exploration. You are Candidate Alpha, sent on the Violet Program for this mission. Space stations have mysteriously gone offline. Decades worth of data is still uncollected. You need to collect the caches of information adrift in space. A number of collection sites have been located, but there are too many unknown astrophysical factors.

VIOLET: Space Mission was originally a game prototype developed by our programmer, Raymond Cayaman, to explore the idea of a paced action game. The aim of the game was to maneuver an avatar through obstacles and collect objectives. We grew that idea, set it in space and the result was VIOLET: Space Mission, which was released late 2014.

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