Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our Nation's Miner - Kickstarter and Greenlight Release by Lord Bytesworth

United Kingdom, London -- Lord Bytesworth has launched a Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign for an asteroids-inspired, RPG with a heavy focus on customisation.

In 'Our Nation's Miner', the player takes on the role of a miner, trying to make a life out of a disintegrating dystopian society. It merges various forms of gameplay - mine resources in space from an asteroids-like perspective, then walk around processing facilities, space stations, apartments and planet surfaces from a detailed third-person perspective.

Game features:

* Heavy Customisation - morph ships and create your own character.
* Hybrid Gameplay - step in and out of nostalgia as you traverse the Universe in various ways.
* Chemically-Inspired Crafting - Hundreds of resources, thousands of basic elements to use for crafting.

ABOUT Lord Bytesworth

Founded in 2012, Lord Bytesworth had previously worked as a robotic programmer for RoboMoco, and currently sells assets for other developers to use under a different alias.

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