Monday, 16 February 2015

Izzy’s Revenge Kickstarter update

Izzy’s Revenge kickstarter is 10% funded by now and the devs have just posted an update showing more environments with the new colour palette as well as some of the weapons Izzy will use in her quest against the four guild leaders who rule Steelbridge.

Check out the Kickstarter.  
Izzy's Revenge is also now on Greenlight.

Game Features

• Steampunk, illustrated environments. 
• Fast paced and combo-based combat system. 
• Exploration and secret items. 
• 15 different weapons. 
• Unlockable movement and combat abilities for Izzy. 
• Hard final bosses. 
• Minibosses in each level. 

Um... it looks like Izzy's trousers fell down when she lifted up the axe!  Is that meant to happen???

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