Friday, 9 January 2015

"Until I Have You" - Retro platformer

This release is a MAGS entry, but it could become something more... news on that as and when it happens!

(I'm terrible at this game but even so I made the sound effects! :-D  Using this of course, plus some digital editing in Goldwave.)

From Jim Spanos, the guy who coded it (you may know him as "Dualnames"):

"Until I Have You, is a story driven, fast paced, retro aesthetic platformer. Sporting a weird interface, it's a game based on player skill, the better you are at it, the more impressive you can be. While you'll end up dying an awful lot, I hope you do march on, and beat this. It may be weird at first, but I find it challenging rather than annoying. This is only a taste of more to come."

- Cyberpunk Theme
- 8-bit Sound Effects
- Chiptunish Music
- Supposedly Innovative Controls
- 8 Levels To Beat
- Boss Fights
- Cinematic Scenes
- Slow Motion
- Parallax

- James Spanos (Dualnames): Coding, Design, Music
- Andrea Ferrara (AprilSkies): Artwork, Animation, Design
- Dave Seaman (CaptainD): Sound Effects
- aikex222, Jim Reed, Mandle, selmiak, Ghost: Beta Testing

Get it here.  This version was made with AGS, although future incarnations may use something else.

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