Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Bionic Steam Bundle

Bionic Marine Command Online - currently in early Alpha - is now on Steam Greenlight.

In the wake of a massive plague that swiftly wiped out the entire adult population, it is up to a generation of orphans to rebuild society and fend for themselves against an impending legion of drones hellbent on the total extermination of the outer planetary colonies. BMCO is a Open World Sci-Fi RPG and Mech MOBA that fosters creativity through community crowdsourcing and storytelling.

Core features of BMCO include:
  • Multiple forms of gameplay through a traditional RPG experience, competitive MOBA, and an Expansive Crafting System
  • Single-Player and Multiplayer with a full breadth of customization options.
  • Open-World Community Events and Stories
  • Engaging Space Opera Narrative
  • Player Housing through Border Moons Expansion
  • Fully-Customizable Mech and Space Ship Piloting to be included in a later content patch.

Bionic Marine Command Online is bundled with another game called Utherous. It’s similar to BMCO but has a steampunk and fantasy theme, and made by a partner studio..


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