Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ave Media LLC launches Steam Greenlight campaign for Elite vs. Freedom

USA, Cheyenne, WY -- Jan 14, 2015 -- indie game developer Ave Media LLC launches their first Steam Greenlight campaign for the third-person shooter Elite vs. Freedom

Set in a dystopian society, this fast-paced, action-packed PC game incorporates elements of modern warfare and military science fiction.

Game features:
Choose from two playable factions (Elite SWAT officers or Freedom insurgents). Select one of six unique weapons, each equipped with melee or ranged attack fire modes. Use the cover system to fight against AI controlled human and drone combatants and receive backup from AI controlled allies. Game levels are set in key locations around the globe with options to play in:

•       Single-Player: Play the Elite and Freedom campaigns through fourteen different missions, with story and mission briefings told through sixteen motion comic videos.
•       Co-Op Multiplayer: Play all single-player campaign missions online with friends.
•       Classic (player vs. player) Multiplayer: Fight against other players online through seven different maps. Playable in four different game modes.

More screenshots, videos, and information about the game are available on:


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