Tuesday, 16 December 2014

inkle's Acclaimed Narrative Game 80 DAYS Now on Android from Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Plus, the adventure expands for iPhone / iPad players with new arctic route added as free App Store update

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. - December 16, 2014 - 80 Days, the narrative mobile game TIME recently named Game of the Year, debuts for Android today on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inkle.eightydays) and the Amazon Appstore (http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android/com.inkle.eightydays). Like its iOS counterpart, the new Android version sells for $5 / £3, or equivalent in local currency.

A massive steampunk reimagining of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, this acclaimed adventure from inkle puts each player at the helm of an individualized global journey. Playing as Phileas Fogg's French valet Passepartout, plot your strategy and choose your course to race around the world in 80 days -- or faster! Stylishly illustrated with art deco-inspired graphics and situated on a lush 3D globe, the game plays out beneath a non-stop clock as you explore 150+ cities on all seven continents and interact with hundreds of diverse characters who aid and influence your momentous quest. A networked live feed tracks each player's progress in real time so you can see how others have fared, share your own adventures, and compete for the quickest time.

inkle is known for games with incredibly "branchy" storylines that write themselves, on the fly, around frequent decisions players make throughout the narrative. With a script of around 500,000 words (more than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy), over 10,000 potential choices, and the globe literally at your fingertips, each 80 Days player embarks on a unique journey with numerous replay opportunities -- including, as of today, an uncharted course through the North Pole. Though this arctic route may shave precious days off the trip, its landscape is treacherous and conditions harsh, with potentially tragic consequences... The new polar expedition, which adds approximately 30,000 words to 80 Days' branching narrative, has also been added to the iPhone/iPad version as a free update: https://itunes.apple.com/app/80-days/id892812659
Since its summer release on the App Store, 80 Days has sold 100,000 copies and has been universally praised for its masterful storytelling, creative steampunk setting, and immersive interactivity. Besides landing the #1 slot in TIME's Top 10 Video Games 2014 list, 80 Days has been honored as one of Apple's Best Games of 2014, is ranked among IGN's top 25 iPhone and iPad games, and maintains an 89% review average on Metacritic. Learn more at http://www.inklestudios.com/80days.

About inkle
inkle is a game studio that specializes in interactive narrative. Founded in Cambridge UK by Joseph Humfrey and Jon Ingold, their Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series has sold over 300,000 copies to date, and was called "Some of 2013's best interactive storytelling" by IGN. Their free inklewriter website for creating flexible narratives has been featured on GamasutraGame Informer and PC Gamer, and was used by Stoic Studio in creating The Banner Saga. Previous apps have won Apple's "Best of the Year" award and been headline features on the App Store. Their next upcoming game, Part 3 of Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, will launch simultaneously for iOS and Android in the first half of 2015. http://www.inklestudios.com/
About Meg Jayanth
Meg Jayanth is a writer, producer, and game-maker with a particular interest in digital storytelling. Her work on 80 Days earned her a Writers' Guild of Great Britain nomination for Best Writing in a Video Game. She is also the author of story game Samsara, an award-winning historical fantasy of dream-walking and courtly intrigue set in 18th Century Bengal. Her short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies including Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History published by Crossed Genres. You can find her at http://megjayanth.com and @betterthemask.

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