Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Selectnplay Icedrift - New Bundle Released

A new bundle has just been launched: The Icedrift bundle

Games included are:

  • Woodle Tree[mac, pc, linux, Steam key] 
  • Hacker Evolution the Series(Time dimensions, Duality, Untold)[mac, pc, linux, steam key provided] 

for the minimum cost of $1.

You beat the average (at time of posting, $3) to get: 

  • Campaign Series: Fall weiss[pc, DRM free download]
  • Deep Black: reloaded [pc, Desura key provided] 
  • Superbox Unpossible[mac, pc, linux, steam key provided]

The survivor Bundle Series 1.0 is also still running; and ends in 7 days.

Select Your Price to play 8 games in THE ICEDRIFT BUNDLE!

Pay what you want AND support charity (The Able Gamers Foundation)

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