Saturday, 8 November 2014

PewDiePie Teams Up with Game Jolt for Humor-Based Game Jam

Warning: This press release may not be funny, but the game jam itself will be.

PewDiePie Is Hosting a Game Jam on Game Jolt

It's called... Indies vs. PewDiePie

PewDiePie might be best known for playing and commenting on horror games, but this jam is all about making people laugh!

Participants are given 72 hours to make games that are funny, silly, frustrating, surprising, bizarre, and hilarious. The games should entertain the player and anyone who watches a Let's Play.

Everyone is invited to enter the jam. Games must be made exclusively for the jam, during the 72 hour jam period. And we're keeping it fun for all. No hate speech or similar content is allowed.

After the jam, anyone can vote on the games. And then...(drumroll)... The top 10 highest rated games will be played by PewDiePie on his channel!

Here are the relevant dates:

  • Jam Starts: Nov. 21 (12:00 AM EST)
  • Jam Ends / Voting Begins: Nov. 24 (12:00 AM EST)
  • Voting Ends: Dec. 1 (12:00 AM EST)

There are more details on the jam's official homepage:

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