Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lands of Hope Redemption Adds Dungeon Master Class

INDIANA, US – Lands of Hope Redemption rounds out the optional paid classes with the release of the fourth and final release class the Dungeon Master. LoHR is a brand new online 2D browser based Indie MMORPG developed by the same person that produced the popular Forlorn Hope: Online and Lands of Hope series of games from 2005 - 2011.

The Dungeon Master class is a unique and varied class that as the name suggests has the power to make and use their own dungeons in the world of Myzan.
In addition to being able to use their own crafted dungeons this class can share these dungeons with other players, and customize such aspects of the dungeon as:

•       Spawn Races and Levels
•       Spawn Names, Boss Names
•       Loot Item Name, Loot Item Picture (from 662 choices)
•       Prizes offered at the end of the dungeon!

Dungeon Masters receive a +10% attack and defense bonus when fighting in any dungeon whether it be player made or a regular world dungeon. At all other times when not in a dungeon they receive a -10% penalty to attack and defense.

Additional powers include the ability to open a private portal to access any public player dungeon, and a public power to summon a portal master to allow other players to access these player dungeons from any location on the map!

To play as the Dungeon Master Class please start a new character, then click the PAID CLASS button on the new character screen and select the Dungeon Master Class.

You can play Lands of Hope Redemption directly from the websitevia Facebook at  and via Kongregate.

About Lands of Hope Redemption
LoHR is a prequel to Lands of Hope - a gaming series that was set across multiple games between 2001 and 2012 when it closed down.

Set thousands of years before the events of the original Lands of Hope the game follows you as you investigate a strange demonic threat, unravel the mysteries of your past and explore the hundreds of hours of regular gameplay content.

Developed using HTML5 / Canvas and Javascript the game does not require Flash nor Unity to be installed and is therefore free from the burdens of having to use someone else’s tools to develop the game.

Some features:
•       Sprite Based 2D Graphics.
•       HTML5 Canvas / Javascript Hybrid (Compatible on Windows, Mac, Linux and more....)
•       Class Templates or Build Your Own
•       Sound Effects and Music
•       201 Level Limit (Overpower Levels can be obtained at level 201 for even more levelling options)
•       118 Large Maps to Explore
•       Open World Gameplay Elements
•       Dungeons and Ruins to Explore
•       Over 60 General Skills such as Cartography, Hunting and Fishing etc …
•       Over 150 Combat Powers
•       Tens of Thousands of Items to Loot / Steal or Craft
•       Crafting
•       Gathering
•       Rogue Skills such as Stealing / Shadowstrike / Stealth and Lockpicking.
•       Home Ownership
•       Pets
•       Player Stores
•       Guilds and Groups
•       Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay content.
•       Turn Based Combat
•       Armor and Weapon Sets
•       Integration with Facebook / Kongregate and more.

About the developer Daniel Paull
Daniel Paull is a dedicated indie developer, Gamemaster and experienced developer having released dozens of online video games over the last 15 years. He spends countless hours a day improving his products, making tweaks and adding new content and engages with players directly rather than having staff to do his dirty work!

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