Sunday, 23 November 2014

i hate skool : An open school life simulator & adventure, remake of the mythical Skool Daze

If you fancy some pay-what-you-want indie gaming with a distinctly Speccy flavour, check this one out at the Official Website!

“i hate skool” is an open ended school life simulator. Attend classes, try not to be dismissed from school from getting too many lines, and don't give excuses to the swot! But if you also want to pass to the next course, you must find your way to the safe in the teacher's room and change your terrible grades.
This is a remake for the 30th Anniversary of the mythical 8-bit videogame "Skool Daze", which adds several new features that would not have been possible back in the time.

  • Fight, shoot, jump, sit, write on blackboards, and most important of all, don’t miss any classes or you’ll get lines!
  • Now you can answer the teachers’ questions and beat the swot in his own game!
  • A much more lively school now full of kids attending classes and doing their life independently.
  • Full weather system. Don’t get wet or you’ll get lines!
  • Beat the game in the old Skool Daze style: Activate every shield, get the combination from the teachers (and the forgetful Mr.Creak!), open the safe and change your report!

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