Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Descendants is a space MMORPG set in the last days of humanity, and is truly epic in scope.  Unfortunately I fear that its Kickstarter goal is also so huge, and the rewards perhaps comparatively unrewarding (for instance, until the $220 reward, all of the options give you less than a year's subscription - and will people really want to back a project and have to pay more afterwards?), that I struggle to see how it could succeed.  But, you never know, stranger things have happened, and if it starts to get some publicity...

Below is a long video explaining the game in a lot of detail.  The whole thing lasts 40 minutes so you'd have to be pretty interested to watch it all - the game's prologue lasts the first 7 and a half minutes.  It looks interesting and... well, epic.

Though I have my doubts about whether this particular Kickstarter campaign will work out, the game is clearly a labour of love, with a huge amount of work having gone into it already, and for that I really do hope the devs manage to succeed.  They're looking for $900K with 29 days to go... check out the Kickstarter Page for more info.

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