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Asymmetrical Co-op Spy Thriller “Clandestine” Infiltrates Steam Early Access Today (well, okay... Yesterday!)

Copenhagen, Denmark -- October 31, 2014 -- Danish indie developer Logic Artists, the creator of the popular turn based strategy game Expeditions: Conquistador, today announced that asymmetrical co-op espionage adventure “Clandestine” is now available on Steam Early Access. Set in the mid 1990’s, Clandestine offers players a globetrotting cooperative stealth experience, solving a Post-Cold War agent conspiracy in the role of field agent or a spy. Download Clandestine on Early Access today for 26.99€ / 29.99$ / 22.99£: Early Access players will also be given free access to the first DLC package planned for the game, a value of 45.99€ / 49.99$ / 34.99£.

“We’re so excited to launch Clandestine on Early Access so that we can start gathering player feedback and incorporate that into the final version of the game”, said Jonas Wæver, creative director at Logic Artists. “We know that players will enjoy this unique asymmetrical cooperative gameplay and look forward to hearing what they think!”

With Clandestine launching on Early Access, developers guarantee a spoiler FREE version, meaning that players have access to four Challenge maps to experience the core mechanics of the game without giving away Clandestine’s intricate plot through the Story mode which will be available in the full launch version. In addition to the Challenge maps, Logic Artists has introduced three playable game modes, including CleanerSmash & Grab and Exfiltrate.  

The ‘Spy’ and ‘Hacker’ characters, central to the theme and gameplay, also each have unique features and abilities that must be used together harmoniously in order to achieve success. The Spy has a selection of weapons to equip, including three pistols (PPK, SR1, MK23), two ammo types (Lethal, Non-lethal), gadgets and grenades (Banshee, Remote Pager, Remote Modem, Fragmentation Grenade, Flashbang) and two outfits (Tactical Gear, Low Profile - civilian outfit), as well as a lock-picking option to help infiltrate secure areas without calling attention to themselves. The ‘Hacker’ player inClandestine holds the important role of blocking security cameras, bribing guards, hacking security doors, arranging dead drops of ammo and health, guiding the Spy through intricate mazes, alerting the Spy to nearby danger and generally providing instructions about what is going on outside of the Spy’s visual field. For the Early Access launch, Logic Artists has also included the ability for the Hacker to tag enemies so that they are visible to the Spy, even through walls.

Find out more information about the player roles watching Clandestine Developer Blog #02:

About Clandestine
The year is 1996, five years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a string of accidents and murders have gone unnoticed by the public, but have put the world of espionage on high alert. Former Cold War operatives, believing their cover intact, are being assassinated around the globe. Soviet and NATO spies are being targeted indiscriminately, causing turmoil and suspicion on all sides.

Featuring asymmetrical cooperative gameplay (Hacker and Spy team), Clandestine transports players to locations around the globe, where they must use tactics and stealth to infiltrate corporate headquarters, hideouts and safe houses to determine who is behind the string of murders and lift the curtain of conspiracy.

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About Logic Artists
Logic Artists is an independent game development studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop games for PC and mobile devices. Logic Artists was founded in 2011 by a group of Game Design students who met while studying together at the IT University of Copenhagen. Logic Artists has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With a successful Kickstarter campaign under our belt, we have published a mobile game for Windows Phone 7 as well as our first PC title: EXPEDITIONS: CONQUISTADOR we continue to grow and are currently working on our second PC title:Clandestine.

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