Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Is it a Game? Is it a Book? No, it's a... well it's sort of both.

The Imbue storycrafting game provides design tools and a rich science fantasy setting for crafting epic adventures.

A Game. A Book. A Universe.

A Game. The Imbue storycrafting game is played among friends, using paper, pencils, and playing cards. The game follows a three step process:

- STEP 1. The plots, conflicts, and antagonists for the storyline are crafted by one player (known as the Plot Writer) based on design rules in the book.
- STEP 2. The Protagonists are designed by the other players in cooperation with the Plot Writer using design rules in the book.
- STEP 3. The Plot Writer narrates the story but the players decide how their protagonists will attempt to resolve conflicts based on resolution rules in the book.

A Book. The instructions for how to set up and play the Imbue storycrafting game are all contained in a book. Depending on the amount of funds raised (see Stretch Goals below), the book will include an explanation of the Imbue universe (along with its rich history, diverse culture, and unique magic system); the rules for playing the game  -including all the design tools for creating everything from plots and protagonists to settings and spells; and, samples of game components and plots using the design tools as well as a sample of a complete 'Act' (game session).
A Universe. The Imbue storycrafting game is also an introduction to a new universe set in a science fantasy genre that answers the question "What would the world look like today if humans had an instinctive ability to alter reality (i.e. magic) from their inception?" In order to answer this question, not only did the history of humans need to be completely rewritten to accommodate this drastically alternate technology, but the physics, chemistry, and mechanisms for life also were in need of reconfiguration. As you might expect, the result of 100,000 years of technological advancements rooted in magic looks very different than our own world. This vibrant universe will be detailed in the book.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign, which is currently almost 40% funded with 17 days to go.

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