Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cold Contract - Tactical action indie game

Cold Contact is a turn-based strategy game with an isometric viewpoint.  The game is split into 2 main parts:

- the strategic view in real-time where the player can choose his team, the equipment, and the objectives on a regional map;
- the isometric view with turn-based action where the squad fights the enemies.

The main objective of the game is to control a regional map and strike a well defended location to win. To do this, several mercenaries can be hired, depending of funds, in order to build some squads. These squads can be upgraded to gain some bonus, which helps the guys to reach their targets safely. There are villages, cities, industrial sites and much more, on the regional map. Several perks and options can also be used to develop the strategic and tactical dimension. The enemies share the same options and upgrades than the player and we have made the choice to let the AI uses all possible actions. Combined with the random generator of isometric battlefields at the beginning of a new game, and randomized placement and actions of objectives and enemies, all situations are unique. 


- the procedurally generated world guaranties a high level of re playability. Mercenaries, regional map, isometric maps are generated from scratch for each new game. Also when the player starts a fight, everything is placed randomly;
- the environment function in the isometric part, which offers several options in the fight to defeat enemies and add a deeper combat dimension (can create smoke, poison, oil surfaces with their specific effects on characters);
- eight mission contexts, which appear after the second part of the game to vary the experience (rescue hostages, destroy installations, eliminate VIP are one of them);
- several options regrouped in an HQ interface to extend tactic and strategic options along the game;
- several perks to manage capacities et equipment of mercenaries in a simple manner;
- an artificial intelligence, which is very reactive to the actions of player, in the common mode where the squad strikes enemy positions but also during missions.

The game is planned for release on PC in November 2014, with Mac and Linux versions possible in the future.

Official Website
Steam Greenlight Page
Demo Download
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