Monday, 1 September 2014

Skjaar - horror / fantasy / steampunk all rolled into one

Skjaar is a hybrid steampunk/horror/fantasy adventure game with elements of action and stealth for PC and Mac. The trailer is interesting... the sound quality is now much improved, I've just embedded the updated version:

Plot snippet:

"It’s 1861, and the Civil War is flaring across the continent. Orphan twins Orin and Camille Halloran have been transferred to the newly founded Washington Finishing School of Medicine, where they are taught to provide on-battlefield medical aid and survive under attack.

Camille’s roommate is their old friend Nea, and Orin stays with his friend Derek, who also happens to be Camille’s boyfriend. The pace at the school turns out to fast and intense, with people from all over the Union. It looks like the next few months are planned out for them, until one morning the whole school wakes up to find an enormous black castle-like thing lodged between the two main buildings. Nobody saw how it got there."

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign (23 days to go at time of updating this post).

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