Saturday, 20 September 2014

Oozengard is back! Yet Again!

Oozengard's development has been, in the words of its designer, "a rough development".  But undeterred, he's kept on developing the game for over 2 years and now has a new Kickstarter for - hopefully - the final leg in the game's development.

Trailer below... that chiptune is quite infectious!

Oozengard is a retro rpg with a twist. A mysterious ooze has been set looze and has invaded a tiny town. With each passing minute, the ooze grows stronger, more powerful. Taking down Hero’s and adding them to its collection of minions, and like drones will seek out and destroy anything in their path. Preparing it for Ooze consumption.

You take the role of Toby, an unlikely hero. With a wide array of skills, skills he has learnt through a long gaming career, he must battle wave after wave of reach the core and find out who set the Ooze loose.

New Planned Features
  • RPG/Action Statistics
  • Pet Companion
  • Dynamic Ooze-volving Enemy system
  • Advanced Combat & Animations
  • Zombaits vs Citizens (Free vs Paid PVP??)
  • Customizable Weapons & Gadgets
  • 30 Hero's to defeat or Befriend
  • Over 100 different NPCitizens
  • Super secret alternate endings

Check out the Kickstarter Page.  

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