Saturday, 27 September 2014

Legena: Classic 16-Bit Inspired RPG Gameplay with New Twists

Legena: Union Tides  is a modern take on the classic 16-Bit turn-based Role Playing Game with new features including Weather Changing and the Skill Equipping.

Check out the trailer below... 

You play Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin as they travel across the seas of Dynol and the desert of Vesira in hopes to solve the great mystery of the Narrator, a childhood monster that was thought to be a legend. You will meet a cast of one-of-a-kind heroes and villains in your journey to solve mysteries.

Explore the world and its intriguing towns and dungeons battling enemies and evolving your characters as you progress through the story!

-Defeat your foes in a dynamic turn-based combat system
-Use power spells by equipping feathers
-Harness the power of the weather to give your allies a great advantage
-Make choices that have an impact on the friends and foes around you
-Increase the difficulty of the playthrough with the difficulty grid
-A classic dark 16-bit RPG feel

Release Date: Fall 2015
Price: $5
Platform: PC / Android / OUYA / GameStick (Xbox ONE, PlayStation 3/4/Vita, Linux, Mac and iOS pending)

Legena is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign with a very modest funding goal.

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