Saturday, 20 September 2014

Grimoire - Salvation, Damnation or simply Power?

The Kickstarter for MFPS/MOBA hybrid "Grimoire" is now active.  Fast action, spells, and all that sort of thing await...

Key Features
  • Fight fire with fire: Exciting magical combat in first and third person
  • Choose your weapons: 10 powerful wizard classes that can be customized with a variety of spells to evade and disrupt opponents
  • Three primary game modes: PvP Conquest, Arena—and a unique co-op mode, Safeguard
  • Enter the shadowy world of Grimoire: Explore an incredible medieval world that stretches from the dizzying heights of magical towers to the cavernous depths of lost civilizations
Although Grimoire has a total of 7 planned game modes, the team has decided to focus primarily on 3 favorites for the game’s initial release: 

  1. Conquest: Battle to control key sources of magical energy known as ley-lines. The longer the ley-lines are held, the more energy is gained—including a large influx of power if one team manages to take total control of an area. Destructible objects can reveal new territory or bring the environment crashing down on your enemies.
  2. Safeguard (co-op): Join fellow wizards in all-out magical combat against legions of monstrous creatures. The city is your battleground, and its people are in peril. Victory is measured not just in survival, but in how much of the city you manage to save. A special in-match progression system, quest objectives, and procedural event-driven enemy attacks ensure that this mode will have enough depth to satiate even the most diehard co-op fans.
  3. Arena: Small groups of wizards (3v3 - 5v5) face off in tight quarters where death is final. Two teams compete in sanctioned slaughter to claim ancient weapons of incredible power. The bold player who captures one of these artifacts must spend time attuning to its nature. Once attuned, the player’s magical prowess will increase dramatically and assure that house’s victory. Unfortunately, attunement is a complex process that affects wizards negatively. Will you seek the unholy power of the artifact or face your enemies with might alone?
About Grimoire
Developed with the Unreal SDK by indie outfit OmniConnectionGrimoire borrows from DotA 2 and League of Legends to deliver an eye-opening multiplayer FPS experience introducing everything from devastating "ultimate" attacks to customizable classes and specialized class-based passive skills. Grimoire’s magic attacks include targeting opponents with chunks of magma, deadly lightning, ice shards, clusters of stone, and even a massivemeteor shower in a flash of light and color rarely seen in first-person shooters.

About OmniConnection
OmniConnection is a three-person indie studio focused primarily on creating innovative multiplayer first-person shooters. Developed with the Unreal SDK, Grimoire is the company’s first game. Originally an IT provider founded by Channing Burell, OmniConnection became a game development studio with the arrival of Brent Caulfield, responsible for Grimoire’s level design, and Kyle Phillips—who worked on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft,Hearthstone, and StarCraft and Diablo franchises.

Check out the Kickstarter Page - the campaign is off to a a good start and there are plenty of stretch goals to aim for if the initial funding target is passed.

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