Friday, 19 September 2014

Daphne Epic Quest

This adventure game has recently started a fundraiser on Indie GoGo - don't seem to have had much publicity yet, so thought I'd do a post.

I have to admit that, although it does look like it has some potential, it's going to be a rather small game judging from the stats mentioned, the blocky graphics don't appeal to me and the over-long video definitely doesn't help its cause... but still. they're not asking for much, only $2 to get the game.  It features silly humour which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't - it's not easy to see exactly how well this will work in the game.  But still, have a look and see what you think... the trailer is below, and you can find out more at the Daphne Epic Quest IndieGoGo Page.  (Not entirely sure what systems it's being developed for, I assume PC plus possibly Mac / Linux.)

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