Monday, 22 September 2014

Cimmerian Space Realtime 3D Browser Game

Fly through space using just your browser, upgrading your ship, trading, combating, bounty hunting, exploring, generally making an intergalactic pest of yourself and of course meeting numerous exotic space vixens.

Er... what?  Exotic space vixens?!?  (Hey don't blame me, it's what the game's creator put on the Kickstarter Page!)

"Starting off piloting a small spaceship, you'll get the opportunity to trade, dogfight and bounty hunt your way to success. Our universe is set on the edge of known space where dark forces have been woken from their slumber. Travel from planet to planet following our mission threads to meet exotic space vixens, bounty hunters and aliens that maybe able to help you uncover the truth behind the mysterious Cimmerians. The game runs in all major browsers including on Android and soon on iOS8."

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