Sunday, 21 September 2014

Blobsos released - save the blob ladies!!

Denary Games is proud to announce release of Blobsos, a fun platform action/puzzle game, in the mood of legendary Bubble Bobble.

In Blobsos player takes control of a Blob, who is on a mission to save the Blob ladies, captured in deep shadows of a jungle, ruins of a long lost kingdom and other exiting places. Jump along platforms and bubble enemies out of your way to complete the very important mission.

For PC and Linux.

Key features:

- 50+ levels
- 5 different worlds to conquer
- Simple game mechanics, fun for everyone
- Two player cooperative gameplay
- - The singleplayer campaing is playble also in the coop-mode
- - Plus special levels just for coop fun, in these ones you really must work together

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