Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What does the next innovation of mobile games look like?

Silicon Valley, CA – Board Game Designer James Ernest is in partnership with the Cat Duo team to create a digital version of his 2013 board game, Fish Cook.

About Fish Cook: The Board Game
Fish Cook is a game about cooking fish for 2-6 players. You compete as chefs, vying to become the best in France by earning money, prestige and the respect of your peers.  Buy low-price ingredients for recipes during the day and then cook them into profit-making masterpieces at night. The strategy of the game revolves around spending your money wisely and minimizing risk. The market price of each ingredient goes up as it becomes more scarce, so you need to make buying decisions that get your ingredients as cheaply as possible.

About Fish Cook: The App
The Fish Cook App will feature new high-resolution images, music and iOS/Android cross-platform play.  The App is also designed to be played like a physical tabletop game. A single person can purchase the Fish Cook App and allow others to join the game using the free Jovios Controller. This controller allows you to view your own hidden-hand information and review playable actions while other chefs are taking their turns.

About the Developers

* James Ernest (Tabletop Game Designer): Founder, president, and lead game designer at Cheapass Games, he's responsible for a slew of tabletop games, including Lords of Vegas, Kill Doctor Lucky, Pairs and Brawl.
* David Geisert (Software Engineer and Project Manager): CEO, primary software developer, and product lead for Cat Duo.
* Stephanie Lee (UI/UX and Graphic Designer): A mechanical engineer by day and a graphic designer by night, Steph has a strong background in product design and development at startup companies.
* Candice Trebus (Marketing and Community Manager): Social nerd and technophile with seven years of PR/Marketing experience and a passion for games of all kinds.

Exclusive art and rewards on offer exclusively to Kickstarter-backers - see the Kickstarter Campaign which will run from August 5th to September 5th.

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