Monday, 4 August 2014

Twenty-Five Sonic Fan Game Projects Releasing at Once

I've got to be honest, I was never a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog even back when it helped launch the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis).  But it sure has some cult following around the world, as the following announcement will make clear:

This year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo is upon us. Visit and download over 25 Sonic themed fan game projects. See the trailer below:

Every year since 2000, passionate Sonic fan developers have come together for one week to hold an online expo dedicated to unofficial Sonic the Hedgehog game projects and the community that surrounds it.  The Sonic Amateur Games Expo or SAGExpo is held entirely online at Each project registered with the event receives its own webpage with information regarding the games and a link to download the games, the majority of which are playable on Windows PCs.

SAGExpo also has a variety of interactive features, including live streaming, an IRC chatroom, and art and entertainment pages where people can show off their creative works such as art, music, Youtube shows and more.

SAGExpo runs from August 3rd through August 9th. All the games featured in the trailer are downloadable from

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