Friday, 1 August 2014

Risin' Goat presents A Rite from the Stars, a 3D point&click adventure

Madrid, 30 July - Risin' Goat presents A Rite from the Stars' new trailer and gameplay videos in order to prepare its upcoming Kickstarter campaign. A demo version is also on the way. A Rite from the Stars is a 3D graphic adventure, that takes pointing and clicking to an exotic, yet dangerous environment: The Mystical Island of Kaikala.

You play as Kirm, a mute boy from the Makoa Tribe. Although every Makoa child must overcome a rite of passage to leave their childhood behind, Kirm's one will be harder. Because he has been chosen by the Stars. In order to become not only a man, but a legend among his peers, he will have to master three paths.

These three paths are Wisdom, Courage and Spirit. Every one features a special mechanic and poses different kinds of challenges.

Wisdom is, of course, about the mind. Kirm will have to think sharp to go through an Ancient Temple full of traps. In this path, Kirm will be able to pick up items and carry them within each temple room. However, there is no inventory, so he will only be able to carry one at a time.

Courage is about the will. Kirm will have to get deep into Kaikala's jungle to reach The Beast's Cave, where his destiny awaits. However, he will not be alone in this path. Every Makoa has a deep bond with an animal from the island. With a meerkat to be precise. They are kindred spirits. The player will be able to control both characters at the same time, but he must be careful because their bond is so deep that the death of one means the death of the other.

Spirit is about the soul and its unknown ways. After some point, Kirm will be able to enter into the Spirit World, a twisted version of reality, where physical and logical laws are not the same. Using this power will make the surrounding world change: rocks may start talking, even singing, and every corner can hide a danger.

Each path can be completed in the order desired by the player and will be supervised by one of the Makoa's highest ranks: Ailani, The Chief (for Wisdom); Kekoa, The Hunter (for Courage) and Waha Nui, The Shaman (for Spirit). In addition, a Final Trial awaits once the three paths are completed.


  • Pointing and clicking
  • Three paths to complete in the order desired by the player
  • An unique mechanic for every path
  • A Final Trial
  • Different endings
  • No pixel hunts
  • No pointless walks
  • No inventory


Gameplay Video (English):
Gameplay Video (Hodor):
Press kit: 
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