Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mega update of Quantum Rush takes new tracks online!

Just after the single player Quantum Rush: Champions developed by GameArt Studio got greenlit on Steam we have further great news today: The Quantum Rush team would like to announce that a great update went online successfully on Quantum Rush. Next to two new racetracks the update contains many bug fixes and wide optimizations.

In addition to the tunnel track "Selenit Tunnels" available to tiers 1 to 9 the volcano track with the name "Chthonic Crater" available to tiers 3 to 8 went online and open to racing.

On the fast track "Selenit Tunnels" the borders between up and down and left and right diffuse. As pilots race through the tunnels at breakneck speed they have to keep the perfect racing line in mind without colliding with one of the many moving obstacles!

On the track "Chthonic Crater", beginning at the foot of a volcano, participants fight their way through tunnels and caves filled with lava until they reach the glowing peak. Only those using a good cooling system can keep their head cool!

With the patch of today the highscore list is active again as well and the hunt for the top placements continues.

Senior pilots will especially like this: As by today tier 5 is available! Racer manufactures finally send their tier 5 racers into action so you can show who drives the best vehicle on our brand new race tracks! From now on tier 5 racers can be researched in the usual way over the research tree.

Besides all this we had many improvements and optimizations. Which ones exactly you can find out as always in the official forum or in the Quantum Rush blog.

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