Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Xeno Galaxies, on Kickstarter. In spaceships and on foot: trade, mine, build and survive

Canada, Montreal -- Jul 02, 2014 -- Neovariance Games is doing a Kickstarter campaign for the development of its Space Trader / FPS / Sandbox indie game, for PC Mac and Linux

Xeno Galaxies is an explosive mixture of three game genres: First Person Shooter, Space trader and Sandbox:

Roam freely with player made ships in a dynamic universe, lurking with trading opportunities and dangerous random encounters.

Game Features:

* Trade, loot and take missions.
 Explore space with your own ship, accept missions or acquire resources to trade. Mine asteroids, deploy automatic floating gas harvesters or engage in piracy.

* Build ships, stations, factories and planetary outposts, block by block or with the in-game blueprint designer.
Share your blueprints and they will become part of the game for every other players. You need the tradable construction blocks to actually deploy the blueprints!

* First Person Shooter.
 Go on foot for some FPS action on the ships, space stations and planets surfaces.
With light RPG elements like hacking doors and turrets, managing your stocks of trade resources, weapons and tools.

* Player made and dynamic content.
 The game continuously spawns procedural content like asteroid fields, generated huge alien motherships and large scale planets, sprinkled with player made blueprints.

* Missions, random encounters and dynamic events.
 You are not just a space tourist. Dramatic things keep happening: crashing on a planet and finding a way out, boarding a ship full of insectoids, surviving a rogue AI that turns turrets on you, or a reactor going critical.

The Kickstarter:

The game is under development by its sole creator, working full time with punctual help from freelance artists and coders.

The Kickstarter exists to continue full-time development and hire more help, reaching a full featured alpha quickly and then enhancing the graphic style.

ABOUT Neovariance Games:

Neovariance is a Canadian software consulting company, founded in 2008 by two consultants, each having 15 years of software industry and 2 years of game industry experience.

Neovariance Games is their game development spin-off, doing Xeno Galaxies.

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