Friday, 11 July 2014

It's time for a little Spree and Glob...

Action RTS meets Tower Defense in a monstrously beautiful game that comes with a story-campaign, co-op and a competitive versus mode.

Splee and Gløb - a strategic Monster Defense game for PC, Mac and Linux

In a strange world inhabited by creatures which we might call monsters, it was a peaceful world but it could not last. One day a crazed robot army arrived with the sole objective to exploit the planet's precious resources. It's now up to the nerdy engineer Splee and her hunky pal Gløb to stop the invaders.

Check out the game's prototype and the Kickstarter Page.  At the time of posting this, the game's campaign has 15 days left to run.  This looks like a really interesting game, hope it gets funded.

(Don't forget to visit the Kickstarter Page!)
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