Friday, 4 July 2014

InSomnia - Playable Demo Released to celebrate funding half-way mark

Samara, Russia - July 4, 2014 - Studio MONO - Announce today the release of the first playable tech demo to celebrate the incredible response from our backers on KickStarter.

'The team and I are amazed by the level of anticipation and love shown for our game. To be 50% funded in ten days is really exciting,' said Anatoliy Necrasov - lead developer at Studio MONO, 'To celebrate hitting the half way mark so quickly, and to show our gratitiude, we've decided to release the first playable tech demo as a big thank you to all of our backers!'

Now is an ideal time to arrange interviews and Q&As with the team. If you're interested please get in touch, or just send a selection of up to 10 questions for the team and they'll be answered and returned as quickly as possible.

The Game
InSomnia pitches the player in a dark and damp, deliciously retro-futuristic space station (“The Ark”) on its 400-year journey in search of a new home. Several centuries earlier, war-torn Noman survivors boarded the Ark to flee their planet and escape the conflict between the Republic of Noma and the SORG Regime. Most of InSomnia takes place inside the gargantuan, half-deserted vessel—which is slowly making its way toward the elusive Evacuation Point. If the Ark fails to reach the Evacuation Point, billions of Nomans will have died in vain.

InSomnia aims to immerse the player in rich storylines that are updated regularly. The game will ship with 15-20 hours of main storyline plus 20-30 hours of side quests (first season/year). More than 20 free chapters are planned after release, with 3-6 hours of gameplay each.

  • Play it your way: Backers will receive both DRM-free and Steam versions of the game.
  • Go it alone or assemble a crew: Pick between being a lone wolf in single-player mode or going for co-op with friends and family.
  • Fight in real time: Develop your character through tactical real-time combat—combining hundreds of skills and abilities.
  • Catch the drift: InSomnia will support French, German, English, Spanish, Polish, and Russian.
  • Prove your worth: Survive starvation, extreme weather, and serious injuries.
  • Free your mind: Break free from leveling systems, character classes, and tedious grind.
  • Embrace the unpredictable: Expect the unexpected with randomly-generated events and missions that keep things interesting.
  • Solve the puzzle: Embark on non-linear quests and missions with several possible solutions.

About Studio MONO

Studio MONO was founded in Samara, Russia in 2011 by a group of artists, technologists, and enthusiasts united by their dream project - InSomnia. With a development team comprised of individuals from all over the world - including Malaysia, the U.S., Russia, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Ukraine - Studio MONO is a talented group of professionals who have been active in the world of game design for many years. For more information on Studio MONO and InSomnia, please visit the project’s Kickstarter page.

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