Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cloudfall - a short puzzle game with no hand holding

Cloudfall is an open world, relaxing game about exploration, puzzles and purpose discovery. You take the role of a floating cloud which can take on various forms to differently interact with the environment. The environment consists of floating islands filled with caves and bodies of water to explore.  To improve on the sense of freedom - there is no timer, no score and no enemies to stand in your way. Also no one to hold your hand and tell you what to do.

 The game is free and can be played via PC Download or in a Web Browser.

(Playing the full screen desktop version is recommended)

The game was created in one month for the Game Maker 2014 contest and is currently released and waiting for results. It is a project we're both very passionate about and we would love to expand it further, but that will depend on the interest of the community.

The developers, Igor Vatavuk and Antionio Hadjen, wanted to create a safe, calm, relaxing place for players - mainly because their other projects: Mega Magnitude and Bunny To The Moon are arcade games with a heavy dose of frustration for the players.  ?Cloudfall was developed with Unity 3D.  

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