Friday, 25 July 2014

Braven Arts - a turned based RPG by 16-bit JRPG classics

Gomiya Games are developing a fantasy RPG called "Braven Arts" - designed to be like the classics such as Suikoden and Chrono Trigger, but also bring something new to the table.  Here's what the developers say (you might need to read this as they speak so fast in their Kickstarter video that I found them a little hard to understand at times!):

Braven Arts is a 2D turn-based fantasy RPG, influenced by the 16-bit JRPG classics such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Suikoden planned for release in late 2015. We want to take the backbone of the old classics, whip it up with modernized systems and mechanics, and give players something fresh that they can dig hours into just like we did with the old games.

  • Welcome to Asteon, a world on the brink of war - A politically driven storyline, full of deception and dark secrets that will keep you on the edge of your seats as the story unfolds.
  • Alterable Grid Battle System - Classical turn based battle system aimed to be accessible but difficult to master, testing players strategic planning and foresight, both punishing and rewarding the comboing of abilities and positioning.
  • Day and Night Schedule System - Explore a world that changes every minute.
  • Overworld Map - Explore 5 major continents, multitudes of cities, caves, forests, you name it .
  • Create your own playstyle with a wide variety of recruitable characters you will find throughout the game.
  • Guild Hall - The headquarters of all operations, where you can take missions and enjoy the company of your teammates.
  • Banter System - Get to know your party through optional dialogue sequences throughout the game.

  • Explore 5 Major Continents Travel through a massive overworld map as the story takes place over 5 major continents, each with unique cities, people, environments, and monsters to explore.
  • Secrets and side quests in every zone - What would an RPG be without side quests and secrets? Every area will have secrets and side quests to find delving into the lore of Asteon's past and present and giving unique rewards.
  • A Dynamic World - As the story progresses, major events will change the world around you. Major cities and people's activities will change in reaction to the world's situation.

Interested?  Check out the Kickstarter Campaign.

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