Sunday, 20 July 2014

Battle Fleet 2 Now Available

July 17th 2014 – Capital j Media   is proud to announce the sequel to the best selling game, Battle Fleet, is now available on Mac, Windows, iPad, and Android devices. Battle Fleet 2 is the completely cross platform reimagination of the original game, featuring improved graphics, tactics, ships, and true cross platform multiplayer. Battle Fleet 2 is available from the following destinations, $9.99 for desktop and $4.99 for mobile devices:

Battle Fleet 2 is a true naval combat sim set in the WW2 era, with fights primarily taking place around island chains in The Pacific. Players manually control each ship's loadout, as well as maneuvering each ship in true turn based combat. Firing on enemy ships is done via power and angle controls, much like Worms or Scorched Earth. Ballistic weapons use real time collision physics, allowing you to use terrain of islands as cover or even allowing individual shells to take out key systems such as enemy guns, flight decks, rudders, and so on.  Find out all the information on the Battle Fleet 2 website or on Steam.

About Capital j Media
Capital j Media is an independent game development studio based out of Portland, OR. Previous titles include the original Battle Fleet, which was the #1 game on the Mac App Store, Starbase Gunship and Cube Smash. More information at

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