Thursday, 17 July 2014

"80 Days" adventure game for iPhone / iPad -- round-the-world journey begins July 24

Indie developer inkle is announcing that their upcoming narrative game 80 Days ( will release for iPhone and iPad on July 24.
About 80 Days
80 Days takes you on a real-time race around the world set in a reimagined steampunk version of the Victorian era. With a massive script of around 500,000 words and more than 10,000 choices to make, every player is guaranteed to experience their own unique story during each round-the-world voyage.
Besides giving players the ability to choose their path -- which of 150 cities to visit, how to get there, which subplots to pursue, etc. -- 80 Days also has a live feed that shows all players' progress in real time. This lets you see what path others are taking, get ideas for your own journey, and compete for the best time around the globe.
About inkle
inkle specializes in extremely "branchy" narratives that write themselves, on the fly, around players' choices. Every few sentences, the player is faced with a new decision -- which direction to go, which character to approach, what to say -- and the game remembers it all. As the adventure continues, the narrative doesn't only reflect the choices you've made; the AI actually learns your preferences and starts to reflect them in later choices you're presented with.
This sort of narrative gameplay has already appeared in two installments of Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, which have been downloaded more than 150k times on iOS and Android and cited by IGN as "a prime example of what can happen when traditional storytelling gets along with contemporary game design." After 80 Days has shipped, the team will turn their focus to the third Sorcery! game, expected later this year.

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