Wednesday, 2 July 2014

2048 Cans of Coke

Vienna, Austria - July 2, 2014 - What happens when you have 2048 cans stacked in your office? You get an impressive view, you get lots of questions (yes I did drink them myself, no they usually stay stacked) and eventually you'll get an idea for a new game!

Betract will briefly remind you of 2048 before it starts eating your numbers. What happened?

In this game it's give and take. You can join matching numbers but joining a number with its half will subtract! This rule can bite if you build up to 256, only to have it taken away by a lesser 128. So watch your fingers!

But back to the cans. When you take the stacked layout you get a board with six ways of movement. If you are thinking hexagon I got to tell you, cans are way more impressive.

The game gives you three modes. If you'd like to play Betracted, remember, you need strategy and make sacrifices to win this one! It may be easier to start with Casual which won't eat your hard earned numbers. But stay away from Impossible, seriously.

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About Christian Zangl
Mr. Christian Zangl is an indie developer who likes to build fun games, mostly at night when other people are sleeping. Too much coke does that. Previous games include BouncyBox and the popular Occupied.

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