Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Farming One

New release - it's a competition entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest that happened to catch my eye.  

The Farming One is a fast paced farming simulation game, with barely any farming or simulation at all. While starting with an eternally growing patch of radishes that you can harvest over and over again, you’ll get enough money to buy more crops, hire assistants, acquire tools and investing in the maintenance of the town, making it flourish with people again.

Soon enough, you’ll be chopping for lumber, fishing, mining, participating into festivals, going into business ventures, purchasing animals, getting married, and more! If that sounds pretty standard, consider that you can do all that within minutes. You’ll go from rich to poor and back in a blink of an eye!

But beware. Bandits have taken a liking to your business, and will hunt you down. How long are you going to take their bullying?

The Farming One takes the idea of Harvest Moon and mixes it with an incremental nature found in games like Little Inferno and A Dark Room, where buying stuff eventually gives you money to buy more stuff. There are so many activities to do while you wait for your money to pile!  Check it out here.

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