Thursday, 26 June 2014

No one believed chicks could kick some aliens' butts - RebelChick

Imagnity launched their very first game 'RebelChick' in June 19, 2014 on both App Store and Play Store and it's totally Free!

The journey of rebel chicks finally began and it’s about to get dirty! Propeller powered, packed with the craziest weapon, dodging all obstacles around, surviving through spring, autumn, and winter; they are thirsty for revenge.

+ Obstacle Course – Extremely difficult obstacles placement making sure no one smashes their device. The right amount of suspense, frustration, and addiction.
+ Control – Just one finger control so you do not have to adjust your position. Yes, you can lie down on bed on either side and still kick some aliens' butts. Auto fire excitement.
+ 2-Player – Play with a friend in 2-player battle mode for bragging rights.
+ Missions and Medals – 30 crazy missions to complete to achieve 3 shiny medals.

About Imagnity:
Imagnity is a 2-person team and it's not a corporation of any type. Well, not yet.

RebelChick Trailer:

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