Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New Sokoban Style Game Seeks Funding Through Indiegogo

June 24, 2014–Bearded Games Studio strives to bring old game mechanics to the modern market. The goal for creating Move Here was to recover games in the Sokoban genre. The game developers believe that the style of game, which may remind many of old games from their childhood, will be popular among players. Having received no support from publishers, they turned to Indiegogo to request support from gamers themselves. With a crowdfunding goal of $15,000 USD and a project end date of July 15, 2014, Bearded Games hopes to deliver the game to the public within three months.

Move Here characters have been uniquely developed by the computer game company. An original story has been written and scene comics have been produced. The storyline is set in the future, when robots are full members of society and work peacefully with humans. The main character is a robot waiter named Coolbot. An emergency situation occurs, calling for Coolbot to become a hero with gamers’ help. Other robot characters have been developed with varying skills, which the gamer can use while achieving the game’s objective.

The objective of the new indie game, Move Here, is to reach the portal by moving boxes around to clear the floor. The player makes their way to the portal through using the moving boxes, as well as other elements of the game such as elevators, which can only be used to move the main character. It is based on traditional Sokoban games, a puzzle in which the player moves boxes or crates around in a warehouse to get them to storage locations. There are many elements in Move Here including portals, magnet units, and floating boxes. The game is simple with a high level design, which makes for a very exciting objective.

Interested gamers can play the pre-alpha build of Move Here from the Indiegogo campaign webpage. Supporters can obtain a standard copy of the game starting with just a $5 pledge. Higher level supporters receive extension packs that include additional levels and skins for the robots. Top supporters get to have their name in the game, a personalized touch provided by the gamers, in which the supporter’s name will be added to the walls, floors, or blocks in graffiti style. 

About Bearded Games:
A group of game developers and designers who collectively represent years of game producing experience on dozens of completed projects. Move Here is the company’s first gaming project. A second project is in the design phase entitled Bearded Cars, which will be a crazy race game with many possibilities. To view more about the new company, visit

"Move Here" IndieGoGo Trailer:

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