Wednesday, 16 April 2014

FAR launches Indiegogo campaign for Lost Town multi player game book

ITALY, MILAN -- Apr 14, 2014 -- newly founded indie game developer FAR Entertainment Studio launches their first Indiegogo campaign for the first multi player but non massive, sandbox game book for Android, Amazon Fire (including Fire TV) and IOS. The game also includes a separate paper party game version.

Lost Town is a game for one to four players who will take control of a party of ten to sixteen (16!) diverse characters which one day wake up and find their city completely abandoned. They will try to survive and to find terrifying truths about the Town, what happened to everybody and themselves.

The game is inspired by TV shows like Lost, The walking Dead, Jericho and the masterful Neil Gaiman's narrative. Also, the game tries to capture the mood of inspired music pieces like Pixies’ Where is my mind, Gary Jules’ Mad World and Dead Island trailer song Breathe Me by Sia.

We'll animate the campaign by releasing our "weekisodes", short animated stories about six of the Town survivors, commented Fabio Andrea Rossi, founder of the company when asked how he thought to make the campaign emerge from other gaming projects. Also, after ten years storytelling tales in Live Action Role Playing we are trying to put some of the same magic in a different mean to tell a story, based on the most important part of the matter: mood.

Game features:
* A survival game book set in a desolate, terrifying Town
* Cooperative multiplayer mode: explore the Town alone during the day, make choices with the team in the night
* Non massive, not dependant on big numbers: you can always play alone, with your friends or with IA companions
* The first Indiegogo campaign featuring a game for the Amazon Fire TV
* A campaign adhering to the Kicking it Forward program on Indiegogo, with the permission of InXile and Indiegogo

ABOUT FARFounded in 2014, FAR Entertainment Studio is made up by professionals in non gaming fields who founded, ten years ago, Bollaverde Live, the largest North Italian LARP society organizing events for hundred of players. They may not be the workd experts at mobile gaming, but they surely know how to tell engaging tales:

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