Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Don't be a Strategy Square - "Bezircle" is Now Available for iOS

 Ayopa Games’ latest indie-developed game, Bezircle, is now available on the App Store for iOS devices. 

Developed by Dutch indie-studio Ludomotion, Bezircle challenges players to win levels by capturing orbs and using boosters to defeat their AI or human opponents. The challenge comes from opponents who are competing to achieve the same thing!

This appealing and infinitely repayable arcade puzzler has a large single-player campaign, infinite randomly-created multiplayer levels for up to four players at once, and an additional “beat as many levels as possible" single-player leaderboard mode for experts!

     One-Button Tactical Gameplay – Bezircle looks deceptively simple, but offers thrilling tactical gameplay. It will take a long time and lots of skill to master every trick and strategy!
     50 Single-Player Campaign Levels – Delve into the world of Bezircle through multiple themed chapters, each with new orbs and power-ups revealing many surprising twists.
     Local Multiplayer Mode - Enjoy Bezircle with four players on a single device in action-packed tactical matches. Snatch victory from your friends at the very last moment.
     Casual Fun, Seriously Challenging – Single-player levels can be won in many different ways. Can you earn all of the stars and special awards?
     Endless Multiplayer Arenas - Compete in many varieties of multiplayer arenas. All of them are randomly generated, so each battle offers new challenges and opportunities.
     Eight Playable Characters - Meet Woaq’lat, Dartakt’n and all the other crazy zirclings with their dazzling art style and genuinely amusing personalities. Bezircle’s presentation and polish sets a new standard for tactical puzzle games!

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